Minister of Village Affairs: Revision of Village Law Benefits Village Heads and Village Officials

Minister of Village Affairs, Backward Area Development, and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Abdul Halim Iskandar emphasized that the revision of the Village Law will benefit Village Heads and Village Officials in the administration of village government.


The rapid progress of the village needs to be supported by comprehensive regulations for acceleration of village development.


“Today, the draft we have prepared has reached 60 percent position, for revising Law No. 6 of 2014. All the drafts we have prepared are beneficial for Village Heads and Village Officials,” said Gus Halim in a dialog with Village Officials and Village Heads of Sawahan Sub-District, Nganjuk Regency, on Friday (2/3/2023).


Gus Halim explained that the implementation of village development is different from that at the Regency or City level. According to him, the village has a wealth of problems that have the potential to hamper development.


Therefore, a revision of the Village Law is needed that can accommodate the progress of the village which has been so rapid.


In addition, the need for a revision of the Village Law is to further honor and increase the rank and recognition of village heads and village officials as the most important actors in development. This is due to their hard work and total commitment in leading the village towards the gate of independence.


“Because indeed, the goal of this revision is to place Village Heads and Village Officials at a high level, a noble position, a high position,” said Dr. Honoris Causa UNY.


Gus Halim explained that there are actually several important points in the revision of the Village Law that seem to be overlooked by the public because they are trapped in the extension of the village head’s term.


However, even if the 9-year term for Village Heads is approved, Gus Halim reminds the public to continue monitoring the performance of the village head. The village head can be dismissed in the middle of his term if his performance is deemed poor.


“If 9 Years is approved, then Village Heads must be dismissed in the middle of the road. Due to performance, not due to legal violations,” he concluded.


Also present accompanying Gus Halim at the event were Muhammad Ashari Rangkuti, Coordinator of TPP East Java Province, and Burhanuddin El Arief, a member of the Commission I of the Nganjuk Regency DPRD.


Source : Kemendesa PDTT