Gus Halim : Village Funds Can Be Used to Handle Jayapura Earthquake

Minister of Village, Backward Area Development, and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT), Abdul Halim Iskandar stated that village funds can be used to handle the Jayapura earthquake. The shallow earthquake with a magnitude of (M) 5.4 and a depth of 10 kilometers struck Jayapura.


The shallow earthquake resulted in four people killed after being hit by a collapsing floating restaurant and several buildings were damaged.


“Village friends, don’t hesitate, the use of village funds is allowed for handling natural disasters in accordance with village authority,” said Minister Gus Halim, as quoted from his TikTok account, Thursday (2/9/2023).


The use of village funds for handling natural disasters can be used to activate evacuation posts, prepare public kitchens, provide emergency health services, secure the disaster-impacted location and evacuation and provide psychological support.


Gus Halim also mourned and conveyed condolences to the victims of the earthquake that shook Jayapura, Papua.


“I express my condolences for the earthquake in Papua that resulted in fatalities,” he said when attending the Radio Elshinta Talk Hightlight, Thursday (2/9/2023) evening.


Gus Halim prayed for the residents of Jayapura affected by the earthquake to be given strength and patience.


“The government can quickly take constructive and fast steps for disaster handling in Papua,” he said.


The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) revealed that the 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck Jayapura, Papua at 13.28 WIB, Thursday (2/9/2023).


The earthquake was centered at 2.60 degrees South (LS), 140.66 degrees East (BT) or 1 km west of Jayapura, Papua.


The Jayapura City Police reported that four people were found dead at one of the Permai Dok II cafe Ruko where the restaurant collapsed into the sea.


Meanwhile, seven victims were successfully evacuated by a joint team from Polair and Lantamal X Jayapura.


The earthquake also caused five house plots to catch fire in Hamadi Rawa, but were immediately put out by the officers.


Source : Kemendesa PDTT